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We provide customised solutions for the industry process optimization based on leading edge technologies.

Deep Indigo consists of a highly qualified core team with decades of industrial experience. We provide tailor made solutions to enhance efficiency, quality and productivity. We aim at better utilization of resources - material, equipment and manpower. Our Core Team has hundreds of patents, research publications and awards.

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We provide customised solutions for industry process optimization implemented using AI techniques. We serve all major industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Legal, Accounting, Government, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Transportation Systems, Retail, Technical Support and Vendor Management.


Provide customized AI based optimization solutions for organizations to achieve their strategic goals. We have expertise in Pricing Optimization, Financial Portfolio Optimization, Customer Engagement Optimization and Process Optimization Delivered solutions in the Financial, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Aerospace and Energy industries

Our company has extensive experience in enterprise systems deployment, interfacing with leading ERP systems and providing secure hosted solutions. Handling on large data and efficient processing is one of our key assets. We also provide custom solution development.

Data analysis ranging from textual interpretation, OCR analysis and tabular text processing to Image and video analysis. Out team has also done analysis of signals, specially with the presence on noise and high grain uncertainty. Techniques like clustering, Fuzzy rulebase systems, deep neural networks, clustering and digital twins provide both robust and flexible analysis tools as an arsenal to attack complex problems.

We provide prediction and forecasting solutions like growth analysis, customer behavior, revenue streams and business trends. Our technologies are also used to predict fraud and unusual behaviour in organization and business systems. We have effectively used intelligent systems for diagnostics and prognostics in manufacturing systems both data signals and image / video based data streams.

Our AI tools provide the basis of research activities in different areas for our customers. We have provided valuable services for optimization of processes and effective use of resources.

Our Process


1. Plan / Design

We work closely with our clients to devise the best solution


2. Execute

We have a team of highly skilled professionals to implement the plan


3. Launch

We deliver practical and impactful solutions to improve Productivity, Minimize Defects and Optimize Resources

Our Team

Dr. George Vachtsevanos


Six decades in A.I.; research funded by gov’t orgs (DARPA, NSF, ARO, ARL, AFOSR,) and F1000s Research includes intelligent control, neurotechnology, prognostics and health management, resilient design and optimization Author of Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis for Engineering Systems City College of New York (B.E.E.); NYU (M.E.E.); City Univ. of New York (Ph.D.)

Dr. Vipin Ramani


Three decades of experience in the Industrial and Financial Services industries. In his last role, he was the Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Risk Executive at Bank of America Various AI implementations in the Financial and Industrial areas. Vipin earned his Ph.D. & MS in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Tech Former Board member of International Association of Credit Portfolio Management (IACPM)

Our Team

We have a deep expertise and extensive experience in building PHM and CBM technologies in wide variety of industry verticals such as transportation, healthcare, aviation, power, Energy storage systems, air and ground vehicles, etc. We have built solutions that utilize multi-modal data from sensor timeseries, snapshot timeseries, system logs, maintenance case histories in a synergistic manner to improve confidence and specificity in detecting faults and predicting remaining useful life. Our core team members have published numerous technical papers and several reference books in this area

Our Skills

  • AI - Machine Learning - Supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Expert Systems
  • Autonomy and Resilient Design/Operation of Autonomous Systems
  • Knowledge discovery, management, and engineering
  • Physics (domain) and data-driven feature engineering
  • Data dimensionality reduction - Feature Extraction via Deep Learning
  • Statistics and Data Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics – Predictive Maintenance of complex systems/processes
  • Uncertainty Representation, Propagation and Management


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